Ideas how the game could be improved and suggestions for subsequent versions of the game. (this is just a space for ideas! We can't guarantee suggestions will be implemented!)

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Post by Junk Deluxe » 29.07.2011, 19:50

Having played this for a few months only I may be wrong, but as I see it, the tutorial would be a lot better if it ended with a mail telling new players that quality 0 products are the best to do in the start (not neglecting research)

A lot of new players seem to produce low qualities (not 0), then realize it dont seel, thinking the game is to slow (am I wrong?) and then leave, which is sad.

Make a final mail in tutorial with an easy guide to get a good start in the game, this will help keeping more new players staying and that is what the tutorial is for and also makes the game more fun!

The game is really fun once you get your company going, but research/qualities can be confusing for newbies so a mail mentioning the advantages of quality 0 may help
Its a game, have fun


Post by Guest » 29.07.2011, 21:05

+1 :D
I did not understand in the beginning, why someone buys Q0 and doesn't buy Q1. So I produced milk Q1, and tried to realize it in grocery...


Post by Guest » 30.07.2011, 12:30

I agree with you... this is a good suggestion..:)

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