All Gas Producers Realm 1&2

Here you can compete with other users: Who is the largest producer of which product? Who has the best research of what kind? Who does sell most things in stores? Go and compete!

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Post by Guest » 22.04.2010, 22:00

updated now producing 13mil a day


Post by Guest » 26.04.2010, 09:18

updated with new productions


Post by Guest » 09.11.2010, 17:34

In a little more than a month I will come out of expansion. That is 99 factories sized 20,000 each....

Each factory will make 267,768 daily so take that by 99 and you get 26,509,032 gas daily. That my friends is a lot of fuel :)

When next expansion is complete daily production will reach 37,788,003 gas daily!

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