Fruit Union

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Fruit Union

Postby Ferrarius » 26.12.2007, 16:00


I'm a recent addition to R2 and have decided to specialize myself in Apples. What I've mainly noticed is the prices of apples fluctuate quite fast. The reason for this is the fact apples aren't wanted quite enough. I don't know about other fruits, but I'd imagine an equal prospectus. I'd like to initiate this union for those who produce apples and those who sell it in their own sales buildings. So that the price can be stabilized at a comfortable level giving the producers a decent income yet making it low enough for the sellers to sell the fruits comfortably and quickly. Making this an interesting market.

Therefore I propose two sub-unions, one for the farmers and one for the sellers allowing inter-union contracts to flow more easily.

Greetings, Ferrarius, CEO Vinii National