[2011-06-11|23:59]2 x Power Plants in Turkey 5000m

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Post by flair » 12.06.2011, 07:00

please bear with me dudzdude as i am still waiting for free energy to return the buildings to me that i sent him in error.

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Post by GoldenEye » 12.06.2011, 19:58

I guess I need to correct myself: The highest bidder in this auction is indeed algisaba with 250 million Caps/each; he didn't even use the "buy it now"-option so there isn't anything to discuss about anymore.

As algisaba wrote the bidding in the subject-line everybody in here we all simply missed that.
Writing the bidding in the subject-line is definetly unusual. Usually we put the bid into the text-fields. I ask you to do so in future: Please write your biddings into the text-fields.
In this case we have to see his bidding as valid - but in future bids in the subject-line will be seen as invalid just to avoid problems like this one.

I am sorry for the trouble and confusion.
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