[2010-06-10|00:00] Well 2,000m2 in OMAN (Optimal Production)

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[2010-06-10|00:00] Well 2,000m2 in OMAN (Optimal Production)

Post by Guest » 28.05.2010, 02:41

This auction is for the sale of one 2,000m2 well in the Yellow territory of Oman.

The Auction will close at midnight on 10 June 2010. Bidding structure is as follows:

Starting Price: 50,000,000Caps (50 Mln Caps)
Reserve Price: 90,000,000Caps (90 Mln Caps)
Buy it Now: 150,000,000Caps (150 Mln Caps)
Minimum Raise: 5,000,000Caps (5 Mln Caps)

Buyer must take delivery within 24 hours of end of auction.

Repeat buyers (those that have bought in auctions from Altanaya PP&E in the past) will receive a 5 Mln Cap discount off of their purchase price as a loyalty bonus. (Buyer loyalty will be verified by posts if forums, if posts are not available documenting your win unfortunately we will not be able to extend the loyalty bonus).

ADMINS: Please contact me directly via PM if you have a problem with this thread. Editing the thread with a public explanation of my mistake is not a friendly way of modding.

Please post in thread if you have any questions.

Best Luck,

Hiroshi Yamata
Director of Wholesale Operations


Post by Guest » 09.06.2010, 15:34

ill do the first bid 90 mil :)