[2010-01-30|00:00] SUPPLY CONTRACT FOR SEEDS

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[2010-01-30|00:00] SUPPLY CONTRACT FOR SEEDS

Post by Guest » 20.01.2010, 23:22

Greetings valued partners!

Altanaya PP and E is currently seeking a daily supplier of seeds, at Q0.

You are submitting a bid to supply 300,000 seeds PER DAY to Altanaya PP and E. Your bid will represent the price per unit you are willing to accept. For instance, you might bid ".23C" meaning you would sell Altanaya PP and E 300,000 seeds every day at the price of .23C.

The supply agreement is non-binding, and can be terminated on demand by either company. Delivery is expected once every 24 hour period, at the convenience of the seller. Non-delivery for 72 hours without contact will be interpereted as termination of agreement.

The auction will close at 00:00 UTC+1 on 30 Januar 2010. The lowest bidder (in price per unit) will win at that point.

The bidding will start at .20C/unit for Q0.
Minimum bid step is .01C
"Buy" Now: .05C/unit
Reserve: .10C/unit