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Post by Guest » 01.10.2009, 17:37

so which one of you to have won ?


Post by Guest » 01.10.2009, 17:44

i dont have no objections.
howere i like it passed by goldeneye or someone to check as there can be confusion. you have placed m and min as bids if you had kept it consistant then fair dos.
if its not a valid bid then i will honor the highest bid otherwise i have no objections.


Post by Guest » 01.10.2009, 17:56

have sent a igm to goldeneye. will send to winner when i get reply


Post by Guest » 01.10.2009, 21:21

65 mill when does this end

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Post by GoldenEye » 02.10.2009, 19:34

The winner of this auction seems to be Philein with his bidding of 60 million Caps.
By the way: If you simply write "million" then nothing can happen. :mrgreen:

babyray, may I give you a hint?
Read the title of this auction and you will find the answer. Thus your bidding was way too late. ;)

And please try to avoid discussions in the trade sections. :)
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