Selling Power Plants!!!!!

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Selling Power Plants!!!!!

Post by Cash and Carry Bulgaria » 11.12.2013, 17:49

Mali:218601 Power plant E:320 3200 m²
Mali:218608 Power plant E:320 3200 m²
Mali:224374 Power plant E:320 3200 m²
Mali:226894 Power plant E:400 4000 m²
Mali:236776 Power plant E:320 3200 m²
Mali:249119 Power plant E:260 2600 m²
Mali:253503 Power plant E:305 3050 m²
Mali:272492 Power plant E:200 2000 m²
Mali:275570 Power plant E:220 2200 m²
Mali:308034 Power plant E:258 2583 m²
Mali:314232 Power plant E:272 2720 m²
Mali:316514 Power plant E:265 2650 m²

Just tell me your offers! :))))

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