[buying]TVs,diamond ring,gas,cars and many more product

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[buying]TVs,diamond ring,gas,cars and many more product

Post by Guest » 04.12.2010, 18:00

Max Quantity for Gas: 1,000,000 per contract
Gas 0q to 15q at 72c
Gas above q15 to q30 at 78c
Gas above 30q at 79+1*Q
i.e if ur quality of gas is 40 i charge 89c=79+10

Max Quantity for steel: 20,000c per contract
steel Q0+ -->125c
Steel Q15+ --> 150 c
Steel Q40+ --> 180c

oranges 20c-quality 0
pears 20c q0
apples 20c-quality0
apples 10.5c-for quality more than 25

TVs 4900of 0q best price
TVs above 15q 5200c

cattle at 150c-quality 0
lambs at 100c quality 0

tables at 500c-quality 0
wardrobes at 2000c of quality 0 - 10 and 2500c above quality 10

Cars at 150000c-quality 0 to10
Cars at 155000c-q11 to 30
Cars above q30 200000c

Diamond rings at 11500c quality 0 - 10
Diamond rings at 11700c quality above 10 - 25
Diamond rings at 13000c quality above 25c

Coins 200m

all the contracts would be accepted within 1day - 3days
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Re: [buying]golden watches, diamond ring, and many more prod

Post by Guest » 24.05.2012, 14:43

need diamond rings and golden necklace

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