newspaper special article feedback

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newspaper special article feedback

Post by dan7hughes » 20.02.2013, 12:35

Just after a bit of feedback for the 2 special articles that I have written and appeared in the newspaper. Theres 1 more to be published, and have another idea i am yet to write - about NPC products.
Before I write this I would just like to know if people are reading these and finding them useful? Or not reading them as the 100 people who enter the contest only check the newspaper for that? Or have even read them but thought them to be a waste of time and wouldnt be reading in the future!
If people have found them good then I am open to ideas for topics for future articles.
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Re: newspaper special article feedback

Post by VerConMat Industries BV » 24.02.2013, 17:11

I personally found them to be a very interesting read. :)

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Re: newspaper special article feedback

Post by kapilander » 10.03.2013, 22:55

I also enjoyed reading the articles, thank you for taking the time to write them :)

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Re: newspaper special article feedback

Post by Junk Deluxe » 11.03.2013, 13:06

Yes very nice articles
Its a game, have fun

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Re: newspaper special article feedback

Post by Andro » 01.04.2013, 08:19

Honestly? I don't read the newspaper at all, except for the odd moment when I'm looking up the contest.
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