Who still checks the forums?

What's going on in Kapilands?
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Who still checks the forums?

Post by sergiurocks506 » 05.08.2015, 12:31

After coming back to see how Kapilands is doing, it seems that it is in dire straits and I was curious to see if anyone checks the forums anymore?

Shiv co.
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Re: Who still checks the forums?

Post by Shiv co. » 05.08.2015, 15:57

As a player with a small business having returned after a long break from kapilands, I do check the forums fairly regularly (mainly to check for responses to my requests for help :L)

It does seem, however, that the forums have seen better days xD

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Re: Who still checks the forums?

Post by AivaRoss » 06.08.2015, 21:23

I still check...however maybe once a month.

Junk Deluxe
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Re: Who still checks the forums?

Post by Junk Deluxe » 07.08.2015, 13:43

2-3 times weekly for me
Its a game, have fun

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Re: Who still checks the forums?

Post by petroslavn » 09.08.2015, 06:18

I check it once per day

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Re: Who still checks the forums?

Post by redfirebird » 09.08.2015, 17:54

I'm a new player on this server.
I check the forum about 4 times a week
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Re: Who still checks the forums?

Post by UnityGasExchange » 17.08.2015, 20:46

I check it every few days, but often not the general topics, the sell / buy topics matter more to me.

In terms of inactivity, which I assume is what you're getting at... This game is very inactive. We can blame it on players having personal contracts set up or a self contained business, but the honest answer is that there are just less active players these days. I should sorely like there to be more, I tire of having to produce everything myself.

French Company
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Re: Who still checks the forums?

Post by French Company » 29.09.2015, 16:32

I check it regularly. And I know that a forum is useful for the new players to have some help about game and also for the others to have the possibility to communicate with all players.
We often realize that when it was too late as on french server (no forum since about 2 month)...

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