Private Education vs. Public Education

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Private Education vs. Public Education

Post by Lman360 » 27.07.2010, 01:53

Post your opinions, and reasoning.
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Post by jan1666 » 27.07.2010, 09:04

Depends what you want.

Next year im going to private, cost around 5 times as much, but theyre #3 allover the country, based on EVERY other school at this education level, so also those who do NOT do the same thing.

If you can afford it, do it. It is an advantage because you learn better. Why? Private is pay alot, teachers get %. Public is pay a bit, teachers get no %.

Private: they get good notes, teachers get more money basicly.
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Post by ILIYYILI » 27.07.2010, 10:02

It really doesn't metter to me.
I can't consentrate in class, and get bored easily.
It's much easier for me to learn a subject by myself :)
I learned the material for the 11'th grade (highest) math finals in a few days :wink:
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