Production Quality Calculations-Realm 2

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Production Quality Calculations-Realm 2

Postby MartyD27 » 07.06.2012, 22:01

This is another formatting change that I have noticed. For example on leather jackets, when I'm producing them it shows:

Quality = Leather Jackets (Quality 68)
Total: 130/4 = 32

It used to also show the quality of the textiles and the leather being used. This isn't that important for experienced users but is helpful for newer players to see how the calculation is made.

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Re: Production Quality Calculations-Realm 2

Postby Duffhead » 08.06.2012, 08:17

Hi MartyD27,

Thanks for noticing, I've passed it on to the devs, perhaps they'll find a way to re-show that piece of information :)