[CLOSED] Coin purchase failure

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[CLOSED] Coin purchase failure

Postby Utopia Power Company » 11.03.2012, 18:42


I tried to purchase coins on March 7th, 2012 12:05:50 PST (AM, I believe.). I paid through Paypal in the USA. I got a confirmation email from Paypal confirming the purchase and successfully deducting money from my bank account, and I have confirmed that I have been charged. I have not yet received the coins, nor the usual IGM from "System". I've sent an email to "support@upjers.com" explaining the issue with no response. I've also submitted a query to "http://support.upjers.com/index.php?lang=en", the Upjers support form, both were done more than 3 days ago with no response. I can provide the Paypal transaction ID upon request, I'm not sure how safe the ID's are to post, or whether it's linked to my account or not.

My Kapi User-ID is: 8544

I would appreciate it if someone would get back to me through forum PM or IGM or E-Mail, whichever. I'd just like to get this taken care of .^_^
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Re: Coin purchase failure

Postby Duffhead » 12.03.2012, 10:43

Hello Utopia Power Company,

I checked with the support team, there is currently no open support request for your account, or it is currently being treated. Please consider that our office is not staffed during week-ends, that's why you'll hardly get a response on Saturdays and Sundays.

The forum team does not have the tools to verify your payment requests, that's why the "Payment Problems" section of this forum is locked, advising you to contact our support team.

Should you not receive a response until tomorrow, contact the support team using the tool, indicating the support process number so they'll know which case you are referring to.

Thank you very much for your consideration.