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Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 13:32

sounds good lol :) so we would have to pick from buildings we want to do now Research everyone should at lest one of each if they want dont need to if they dont want to :) so those anyone can make free will but pick from one raw material building sounds nice but also would have to only pick the ones we need most at the time as if we got to much power would not need one of those so would have to pick from one of the other buildings :) there will be a list of buildings we need and a list we dont need so people would only have to pick thu the need list and they will change all the time with new buildings :)


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o and another thing fro like new mambers just starting out maybe help them some buy loans but will have to talk to mod about that i think :)


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 13:37

No loans allowed... just smaller prices for raw materials. But not lower than your production costs.

But than the problem would be the freerider: just joining the guild to grow even faster - and then leave it :wink:

Lots of risks... :?


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 13:39

yes but once you leave you will be stuck with the low prices on market :) so you will not be making to much money then wile we all get are profits and all are members will pass you up in time :)


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 13:43

Think of really bad boys:
The guild helps them to get 100 buildings - then they leave.
Now they can produce everything on their own and can sell it at higher prices on the market. Well - works just for preminilary products - but still works. And the guys will even make higher profits. :evil:

... am I going on your nerves? It's not my aim - I just wonna show you risks.


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there are always risks yes your not geting on my nerves i dont think anyone here can :)

yes maybe they get 100 buildings and be able to make everything there self but with the looks of prices on market now they will be makeing less money but if he leaves it may put us in a need of buildings that we may of needed so it will put needed buildings on the list.

i thot i was going to put something else but i forgot what :(


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yes but look at the following ideas:

well as we will be the founders, we can make then a list of building in raw material we need, and then in finished product
we create our own forum
we create the list of price in the guild that depends on the quality of course
For the goods that after sending all the contracts we will have to decide that later
but the idea is that we sell each other the raw material and the finish product, the price will be fixed in the way that every thing generate the same profit, the price will be fixed so we wont get any influence on the market, and every body is going to make a lot of money with the shops cause it will be impossible to find cheaper.
Of course we have to make like some ranks someone in charge of prices, someone in charge of the logistic of the good, someone in quality control,etc

Then if someone want to join we let him in a 1 week trial where that player will have small contracts, if he doesn t disapoint us then we can send him larger contracts, if that player leave he will have the high prices of the market and wont make so much profit. By the time that guy get the 100 building we can also get to that limit.
Plus then we can make a rule for the good that couldnt be sent in contracts, like once all the contract are sent the excesive good can be sell in the market but at a price the guild fix for the market (any price lower we can put some sanctions)

that is what i think is a good alliance, maybe at first it will be hard but then once we got the alliance running we wont need a lot of members and we can ask like a fee to enter so we can compensate any lost

but if you are up to do it we can start the 3 of us and then start including more member


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the forum is under way when you are puting things down i go to work on it :) and the prices will also not be low but high as so they cant sell off market for more money but the prices will also have to be set not to hit but to where the sell buildings also get the same profit but i do not know the prices yet for everything so that they are not low prices so people can sell them on market even tho it would be easy to find out if they did or not :) and it would be auto kicked from guild also cant have to many people coming into the guild all at once as we need to keep track of everyone also it would be hard to track 1000 people ya know :)


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 14:40

yes that is why you dwarf and i could start and each one could take care of one new member until they become profitable and then 3 other etc
also the guild should have a max member!!
for the price calculation we will have to set it later cause we have to see that every one buy and sell for the same amount of money so that is an idea we will elaborate in the forum you are making =)

anyway i want you to know that you have my full support to make it work, plus i can get us starting cause i produce a lot of raw materials!!!

once we have the forum created we have oficialy create the guild we should find a name and make some banners alike!!

and in the start in order to get the buildings we need to start teh business we can sell each other goods with preferencial price so we can go faster getting the buildings!!


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 14:52

yes to start is the hard part as we need to set are selfs up to have a round trip ;) of supplys coming in and stuff going out :) yes there would have to be a limit of members.

name was already picked out in another post ;) good name i think :)

and about you make alot of raw materials so do i right now but i just reset my acount so if we need to i can do it again that will help us out on start


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Can i join too??

I make power and water


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 15:04

well dont know yet also read some of the posts or if you have then good ;)

as remember you cant just make power and water we all have to have one raw good and selling buildings to keep are selfs stable :)

right now no one is going in till this forum is done will let some join so they can pick thu the Styles and c what one would be the best i trying to get a corp. look to it :)


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 15:08

Astrologer wrote:well dont know yet also read some of the posts or if you have then good ;)
I didnt understand this line or urs :lol:

So can i join?

Please oh please oh please


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 15:13

for the raw material it is not yet written down so if you want to join just wait a bit once the forum is done we will start putting the rules and stuff like that, we must organise the guild before starting to expand!!

ok i found the name i remembered i read it once:
Universal Industries Corporation (UIC)

when we got the guild running we should make banners to promote the guild for the good we have in excess and have to sell in the extern market

if you need any help for the web, i know php, mysql and html so just ask if you want my help


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 15:13

well not today lol

today i am going thu list of Styles after that is done i going to bed tomorrow will be the opening day is that ok with ya :)