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Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 09:54

hmm i was thinking and i think the best way to make money is to work in a team like a guild or somehting. Make your own prices for things and only sell to each other unlike the market that keeps going down we can make are own set prices for things and only sell with in a guild.that would bring profit for us all so like power that is .08 and you all been wanting it to go up as it it hurting you guys that make power you can make prices that everyone inside guild would not mind paying for.

I dont know if i got the time to be a leader of a guild but if anyone would like to try to get one started i would be up for that i can make a web for somehting that the guild can work together in it would just take some time to get it donw not to much tho just to get it up then keep makeing it better :)

who is up for this good idea of mine 8)
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Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 09:56

I like your idea...That would be vey cool...
Everybody can make money without hurt the finances of the other companys....I like the Idea, but we need a leader of the guild...


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 09:59

yes i know you would like this but it would be hard to do it i think as people may still want to buy the cheaper stuff op market so it no easy job you would have to c who is theones still trying to get the deals off market while we buy the high prices no easy task but should be easy if we get the right people


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 10:01

also to bad they dont have like a guild or something in game that would make it easyer for something like this but this is be best way to do things i think :) would have to get people that have stores to sell the products that people would make for the stores :) like i said will nto be to easy but some what easy to set up just need right people

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Post by Tycoon » 20.02.2007, 10:33

As you actually want to build sth like a trade organisation here, I will move the thread to the respective forum. It will be read there by the people interested in joining such an organisation...


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 11:20

anyone want to at least think of a name :) so i can start the forum now :)

needs to be cool name tho 8)


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 11:44

What about:
- Universal Industries Corporation (UIC)


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 12:21

sounds good will got on it right away :) thanks never been good at names :)


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 12:46

I have had a dream:
There will be a guild. The firms depend on each other. One is producing power and water for example, one is producing seeds and corn, the next one cows and leather, some companies produce stones, steel and wood and so on....
The point is: if there is a product line - the last company will have a win-win situation in my eyes, or not?
The company gets everything a little bit cheaper - but nobody can control the price of the units in the shops. So the profit of this company will rise even more than the profit of the other companies.
Cheaper raw materials and premilinary products... and selling everything itself on the market.
The other companies sell something cheaper (eg leather) but can also buy something cheaper - like stones, steel... but they don't have a win-win situation. Is this really a good idea?


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 12:58

yes as we will stay the same prices maybe little bit change here and there but it is for the good of everyone as prices are geting so low cant make anymore realy anymore and it will keep droping till they make .01 profit off of everything but if we set are prices then we can still have a high profit for everyone if you help us make money then we also help you make money so if you dont want to buy at a price that we have then you can go some place else and you will not get your high profits and how would we know if you buy something off market buy looking at how much your werth but would also have to tell us that your going to lke buy a building or something so we know how much you should go up my now upgradeing we would know as you would buy that off from a member and by how much you buy we would know how much you should go up :) like i said it not going to be easy finding the members that will not try to cheat others out but there are ways of finding if they are or not and once they do they are out and they can make there .01 profit and not move as high as we will it would be muhc harder for them to make money even tho this game just started it is falling to where you will be making not very much profit.


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 13:03

Of course, the idea is not bad.... but the people are all bad. Think about it. And perhaps you will find a solution for the problem. But the last guy in a product line will always be the winner.... :wink:


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 13:10

no the last guy will not always be the winer as everything will stay with in guild now like things we dont need car's would be one would be sold in stores that people own :) so nothing will be put on market if someone puts something on market they would be out right there everything is to go to stores even tho they can make the price as high as they want in the store but the higher the price the longer it will take.

we have to base are prices on selling to store so pirces may change some but not all to much stores are the last on the line


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 13:14

Well, but if the costs are droping down - I can also sell for a lower price to make the same profit.
Otherway round: lower costs - same price in markets -> higher profit -> nobody could control -> win-win situation

And everything is staying in the guild, or not? Where do you wonna sell your leather jackets? Not on the market - in the shops... So you make even more profit. And the goods are not really leaving the guild :wink:


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 13:21

ya but the prices will be set so they dont make to much profit also like those leather it takes alot longer to sell them in a store so less profits more like but it will all be set up by time and how much of a profit so we dont get some members makeing way over as then everyone will want to go and do the same thing then there will be no one makeing anything else :)


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 13:26

that is why the best idea is that every member of the guild has shop and every member should produce at least one row material and one finish product so that way all contribute to the raw material of another guild member and all contribute with finished product, every one wins!!