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Post by Guest » 19.03.2007, 15:15

i have never sold my power for less then 0.07, but then again i'm a Raw resource Producer and making nice money from steel and such which i have the q researched of that is researchable.

my power has always sold pretty fast thou.

once all the cheaper power goes which is pretty fast, then people buy the higher priced stuff


Post by belalang » 20.03.2007, 08:26

we have to start revolted if we want the price back to normally...
no want sell power for now

:shock: even they offer 0.07 each unit...
at least 0.08... what you all think? :)


Post by Guest » 26.03.2007, 20:49

to get the power up we should send messages to big power dealers to rais the price and mabe start like a group to join :idea:
this will help as control the power market and get better money for our power :!:


Post by Guest » 27.03.2007, 23:02

I will join the power corp. I want power prices to rise up more. Just started a new power plant and .06 is just not enough profit like all of the other producers are getting. Also if most of the people on the market start going higher and demand .07+ then eventually we will get some positive resultes for the power suppliers.


Post by Guest » 27.04.2007, 00:13

i produce 3 mil and rising power a day as i am a pure power company and i will join this fight 8)


Post by Guest » 27.11.2007, 19:54

Let power prices rise I say. Better for me since I sell power on the market for 5 cents. I've sold it for 5 cents ever since I started playing and my prices just might start going down since I can now produce it for less.


Post by Guest » 28.03.2008, 09:08

is there a forum or website of some sort for this trade org?
I really want to join and I would want power prices to rise

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