United Power Syndicate

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United Power Syndicate

Post by Guest » 19.02.2007, 20:54

This is where everybody that produce power, can discuss the price and take impressions.

I think that the power must go up to 0.7---0.8 agani, 0.5 and 0.6 is too cheap. Of course that in greats quantitys we should sell 0.6 caps....
My proposal is:

Big offers------------------0.05-0.06
Small offers---------------0.07-0.08

What do you think? :)


Post by Guest » 19.02.2007, 21:18

I think this power war is someday gonna kill powerfactories, see my message


Post by Guest » 19.02.2007, 21:20

I've already see it, and for that I created what you want.
I agree with you, we must take order in the power, some people are droping they prices very fast...
We have to talk with everybody who produces power....
What do you think we can do?


Post by Guest » 19.02.2007, 21:44

Guys i suggest your create your own forum to talk a little more 'privatly'

Additionaly i invite you to join on forum, of the International Oil Trade Syndicate where you can trade with our memebrs.

We have 29 registered users :D


Cya there :P


Post by Guest » 19.02.2007, 22:12

I agree a single forum is better than this, perhaps we could send a message to people selling under .09 caps to ask them kindly to raise their prices.


Post by Guest » 19.02.2007, 22:20

nobody will buy power for 0.09. indeed ... there will be only some. you will never gain control over the hole market.


Post by Guest » 19.02.2007, 22:25

I just got the offer to be supplied with power for 0.04 ...


Post by Guest » 19.02.2007, 23:08

And i have a smei regular supply at 0.05 :D


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 00:31

well if you need me to be in your power alliance you can count on me !!!

company: Necromongers


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 06:57

if five or six big power producer agree on .08c,automatic price gone up


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 07:29

ya have you seen that some big just poer company mostly i think put alot of power up there 5 of them are over 1 mill one was 5 mill other was 3 mill other 2 1.5mill each i dont think the prices are going to chage with all these power makers there are to many people just makeing power now that we cant buy all the power even if we wanted to


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 09:49

I think that we have to GRADUALLY up the price...like:
today: 0.06
tomorrow: 0.07
next week: 0.08

what you think about this?


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 09:56

it to hard to do it to many people no one got that kind of money to make real changes please read my idea i came up with :) it better then the market market :)


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 10:30

well, yesterday there were still people selling for .07, I just checked, minimum .08. I put my price to that, perhaps tomorrow it's .09 again?


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 10:57

well the other thing is to produce power at the lowesr orice to have 0 profit in order to make competition die in the attemp of competition and then rise the price.
Or we should contact the biggest power produccer and offer them to join us so then we will be producing most of the power on the market, they will be more demand than offer and the buying company won t have a choice that to buy our power, plus if we make this syndicate we cna talk with big company to offer them contract DAILY with a discount depending on the quantity (means that we will supply every day for sure)

i produce around 1 mill a day cause the rest of the power i use it in my mines

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