Is it me or is there a price war going on?

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Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 16:18

yup it will reach 0.01 some day or maybe if the market takes a turn and the buyers become more than the sellers then the price would surely increase and reach to 0.2 kapilands is just like Dubai's property market there is more demand now for living so the prices are high but they are makin too many buildings so when all the buildings are ready the prices will drop. Kapilands is actually other way round.


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 20:31


I have noticed you sell large amounts of power at a price of .06 caps. On the forum under Trade Institutions and Syndicates there are two topics about the problem of lowering prices and we would want to bring the prices back up to 0.08/0.09. Especially for starters heavily relying on power this would be good but also for the more experienced players for one does earn more money when he asks more. Could we ask you to drive up your prices again to 0.08 of 0.09?

Greetings, Ferrarius, Vinii National

This is what I've send to two companies now, They both are willing to cooperate.


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 20:54

It's difficult to put up the prices to 0.08---0.09 because if they don't buy us with the price of 0.06--0.05 they will buy it to another person that don't knows what is happening with the power...
I'll try to price up to 0.07 now...maybe for the next days 0.08...


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 21:02

What ur talking of is a cartel in r/l thats illegal to try and fix prices is not what this game is about and the only way ur going to get to that level is to buy any power below your "suggested" price to keep the market price at .08/9 just hope u guys are very very RICH :D


Post by Guest » 21.02.2007, 11:59

I'm beginning to think it has no use anyway.


Post by Guest » 21.02.2007, 14:23

And also your a disucssing in the opne fro all use power users know what your game is :P

I just buy for 0.05 or 0.04 8)

Montoya Inc

Post by Montoya Inc » 22.02.2007, 06:10

I may be a power only producer, but i still wanna sell my power cheap cheap cheap

Down with high prices, UP WITH OIL.


Post by Guest » 03.03.2007, 09:24

Cartels very rarely work anyway.

I see no reason why they should be illegal in the game though.


Post by Guest » 05.03.2007, 15:43

At present...anybody with power plant in red area is getting WAYYY less profit than those in green area.

Soon the power prices could drop to 0.015...At this rate...Power producers will stop producing power and everyone will be having their own power plants.

Which means that: Power, the starting products for all newbies will not be sold anywhere. Thus, newbies have lost one major product which could have helped them grow in the start.

Soon the same will happen to oil...and then steel...ALl the products which are really needed will go thourgh this phase until every single businessman is selling the the stores and not gaining money through trading...

By 6 months...the kapilands community will not be much a of a community coz there will be NO trading at all...

Many players will soon lose interest and leave the game...

Kapilands will be not more than a passive MMO game excellently built but no one plays it much.

For the last 10 days, power prices were constant at 0.05...UNTIL Jonny Inc. started DEMANDING for 0.04...Soon all big players demanded for 0.04.

THe bigplayers buy all the power...If they demand low price, the poor newbies HAVE to sell at low price.

The above is my prediction of the future of kapilands


Post by Guest » 05.03.2007, 15:56

hm... your right i buy for 0.04.. and some others too. but thats normal because we have too much power on the market and there is not enough demand at the moment.

soon prices will raise again ( i was near to raise my price to 0.05 today ).
later in the game prices will get near or above 0.1 . so it is not bad to invest in power. i agree that at the moment prices are low... but just wait some time.

so called "big players" may demand low prices but they also buy a lot. some far beyond 10million a day and growing. and many including myself personaly guarantue to accept every contract that is send with the correct price anounced in the fax (except sender is blacklisted :)). no matter if i need it at the moment.

just wait some days ... prices will constantly start rising if companies expand. no panik ^^

best wishes



Post by Guest » 05.03.2007, 23:20

see - the problem lies with the fact that new people are told to create a power plant ... and then they begin to make a tiny profit off it, and instead of creating more complex products, they mass power plants and sell power. everyone needs power, why not make small profits instead of big ones? and the prices go lower and lower as a result.


Post by Guest » 05.03.2007, 23:31

yes i have sead this many time but i think they say ti to new people as if they make lower profits then less people have to deal with :)


Post by Guest » 07.03.2007, 16:18

hey dude hope your getting the price's up means i can make more money but then hey mine goes out fot 0.07 as I have hamsters in wheels to provide the cheep power


Post by Guest » 09.03.2007, 20:20

As much as the rules of the game are the real worlds rules for a free market. Really cheap power WILL become a problem.

Wouldn't be surprised if the price for power is 0.02 in 2 weeks. Good for a lot of you but bad for Kapilands. New players won't take time to get into the game as its to expensive to get into production of other products and/or it takes too much time. New players will quit and we are stuck here. The new players will quit but the ones gaining almost no profit will probably still stay which leaves us with a limited market.


Post by Guest » 09.03.2007, 20:26

well for one thing you should only make power to supply your self and not to just put on market and new people should start making and selling there own stuff so they make alot of money