Is it me or is there a price war going on?

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Post by Guest » 04.12.2007, 20:19

fact of the matter is that we need power to make anything or do anything on kapi. cheap power is also cusing production costs to go down, giving manufacturers the ability to offer their product at a lower price. so really, the fact is that things have to be cheap to sell. the more people get competitive for customers, the lower prices will get. the entire economy is collapsing onto itself!



Post by Guest » 04.12.2007, 20:24

"go big or go home"
so the truth is, this is the fault of every kapi player.
but in a sense, even if everyone was together on it in the first place, this would evenually have happened sooner or later. you are pretty much forced to sell cheap, or dont sell at all, but thats not too profitable.
so you have to go with it to stay in the game. and eventually, the market will collapse, its a matter of time before prices drop to, it costs .01 i was told to make, so there could be a drop to 0.03 or even 0.02 eventually, when itll be cheaper to buy than to make.



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Shhh. Don't tell them to sell power cheap, you'll ruin the place I've been able to make for myself. If power falls below 5 cents a kW/h, I'll lose all my business. :wink: At least keep prices up until I can move all my plants into Africa.


Post by Guest » 04.12.2007, 21:24

im not trying to encourage low peices, im just trying to explain the situation.


your right but...

Post by Guest » 06.12.2007, 21:35

you are right and evantully no matter what we do the kapi market will colapse and than start all over again beacuse when no one will sell power than you can start selling hight price power and than everyone will be forced to buy from you or not produce anything and quit kapi and i think that they will want to buy your power and than when you restore the kapi power everything else will start to rebuild and the kapi market will start all over again... untill its next collaps
in the bottom line what im saying is that the kapi market is going to collapse and theres nothing you can do to stop it unless you quit selling so much power but even if it will collaps it will start all over again kinna like the universe


Post by Guest » 06.12.2007, 21:55

i gree while disagreeing with you drak., the market will collapse, but everyone will start being self sufficient, making their own resouces because of the lack or whatever happens. so there will only be semi-finished products circulating since they have the resources and there would be no point of selling any.

if it were to start all over, for example, and prices were high, people would start making their own power, water, you name it. there will be this collapsing cycle repeating for as long as kapi exists, and no matter what you do, you cant stop it. you can slow it, but you cant stop it.



market crash

Post by Guest » 11.12.2007, 16:30

as said befor in many other posts you cant stop the kapi market to crash there will always be smaller producers that will sell cheaper than you unless it doesnt pay off for them and if it doesnt pay off for them than it wont pay off for you so either you stop producing so much power or use your power beacuse as long as there is more power than needed the prices will go down and the kapi market will crash beacuse everything needs power to produce and when all of the products will be as cheap as they get the kapi market will crash beacuse no one will produce anything anymore untill someone will start the kapi market all over again - only to be crushed again and again anf again
as said by striker - you cant stop the crash you can only slow it down


Post by Guest » 13.12.2007, 00:56

as I said in another topic(that i created and got no responses) we are having 1929 again! what will happen is economy will colapse we will get screwed and earn almost no money(if prices go down for power they also go down for other products-as stone and wood-both that i produce) so what will happen is the STATE-kapiland admins will have to figure out a way of maitaning the market rate or they will begin losing players

what am sugesting is that the kapi admins make a corporation that can buy power and other basic materials for a fixed price or else the basic materials will bring the more complex ones to a downfall...

if kapi admins do such thing they shoul leave something like they buy power at 0.09 (example ppl dont attack me its an example) so no1 will ever sell at market for under 0.09 wut ppl will do is they will always sell over at least 0.10 trying to make a bigger profit then the kapi-admin-corporation offers them...


Post by Guest » 13.12.2007, 01:13

am sry for my english isnt the best(am from Brasil)...hope evry1 understood what I said if not I'll make it simpler and quicker and give a REAL life example

most of the poor countrys have economic crises mainly on agriculture cause they can't compete with the big producer so what the goverment does it buys the products of the small producers for a fixed price so the small producers will always or sell for the goverment or sell at market,thus paying tribute to the state(the 10% of price that you put on market)

so if the money of those 10% were real and were used for something then it would be lucrative for kapiland to buy a fixed rate of "whatever product" so it will profit from market tribute

what I suggested is that kapiland staff acts like a goverment and FIX A PRODUCT PRICE FOR THEM TO BUY-with no taxes over the contract

if this doesnt happen we are looking into a bottomless pit prices will fall fall fall not just with power but with evrything else and the game will be over since most of the ppl will leave

the multiplayer market simulator is headed to solo market simulator since evry1 who can will make a "trust"(will have all stages of production and selling) so you make your power your water your seeds and your fruit and you have the building that sells for the ppl->this was an example using fruit and stuff but it works on evry other product

ow well I strongly recomend a kapiland goverment buying fixed prices bye guys plz post reviews...