Filipino Traders

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Filipino Traders

Post by Guest » 13.02.2007, 10:09

hi all if there are any pinoy players lets help each other.
Lupang Hinirang is my Company.


Post by Guest » 13.02.2007, 12:29

Good luck with this :)

If u need oil or gas come buy our forum (link in my sig) :P


Post by Guest » 14.02.2007, 10:02

Phoenix Oil wrote:Good luck with this :)

If u need oil or gas come buy our forum (link in my sig) :P
tnx!my i ask ru a pinoy?


Post by Guest » 14.02.2007, 11:20

oh, no im from england :P


Post by Guest » 15.02.2007, 02:09

Phoenix Oil wrote:oh, no im from england :P
ohhh ok.tnx


pinoy here.. ^_^

Post by Guest » 10.03.2007, 11:24

hi.. i'm a pilipino.. owner of PHILIPPINE CORP..
right now.. i'm expanding my factory...
what's yours?
need a business partner??
just send an IGM to my company.. tnx..


Post by Guest » 02.04.2007, 18:38

hi my company is Ranassance Corporation

PM me guys..i merely focused on electronics (aotm)


Post by Guest » 12.04.2007, 12:37

PWEDE PASALI? Im relatively new in this game. i plan on developing gas. meron ako 2 factories and 1 gas station


Post by Guest » 15.04.2007, 16:31

buy and sell lang muna ako sa market for now

but im building up to become a steel supplier


Post by Guest » 23.04.2007, 10:08

looking for a reliable supplier of gas? contact me ingame(send me a message)

company name : GASUL CORP

thanks mga kabayan :D


Iceman Industries

Post by Guest » 17.05.2007, 08:59

Iceman Industries here. pinoy ako.

steel supplier. IGM me for your steel needs. and chemicals and minerals too.


Post by Guest » 19.06.2007, 00:10

Kaarawan ni Gat. Jose Rizal ngayon.
Pinoy tayo.


Post by Guest » 28.06.2007, 04:36


I'm a Filipino too. I'm producing power right now. You can igm me for contracts. Also, wood and stones.


Post by Guest » 14.07.2007, 07:25

[edit by Tycoon:

and... thx for mentioning these company names... I think, you know what I am talking about!]


Post by Guest » 25.07.2007, 07:42

oh, yes! we understand that. so, sorry. but they didn't continue using our own language. aren't we. We're still using the general languag english.

sorry about that.