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Post by Guest » 01.04.2007, 11:49

Players who have a jewel store in Europe, plz reply to this topic with size of your store(s) and country (also mention the kind of jewels you'r generally selling), I made this topic in order to collect the major amount of retail in this sector and to find out which players have most influence, so we can push up prices. Is there anybody capable (and willing to) establish a forum about it? Jewellery can be big business and highly profitable, because noobs (=ppl who sell very low) can't afford jewel stores, I think it's easier than in other products to regulate prices.


Post by Guest » 01.04.2007, 12:25

Hi. Good idea, we should work on it.

I'm selling diamond rings, golden watches and golden necklaces.

Stores: 6, 2 in each country, each 700m2.

Currently selling approx. 300 units/24 hours, at least at the double of the stats-price. The quantity is stilll low due to the high selling price.


Post by Guest » 01.04.2007, 12:34

Splendid, I suppose you'r the biggest William.
Our goal should not be to sell more but to make more profit per hour, perhaps it will result in selling more eventually, as soon as I get more information, I start calculating our possibilities.


Post by Guest » 01.04.2007, 13:58

i am not jewel store seller or maker of jewlls but i can suplly diamonds on demands

and for the furom i can make you a section for you guys out of ares 'sss'
take the link at the bottom and igm me if you want it


Post by Guest » 01.04.2007, 15:44

the forum is now up and opperational

for datails 8) 8)

dont forget to register your companie in the forum thanks



Post by Guest » 05.04.2007, 17:19

Excelent! I have one store in germany 80m2 and Im selling golden necklaces q3 for 3500-3800...right now can sell 100 units in 24 hours.


Post by Guest » 01.08.2007, 12:17

i want to establish this idea as soon as possible.
Who is still interested in a Jeweler Trade institution...


Post by Guest » 02.08.2007, 12:30

i have one store in germany of 220m


Post by Guest » 09.08.2007, 09:53

i would be interested in selling some jewels, would build 2-3 stores in some red area, but first i need to get some suppliers



Post by Guest » 16.10.2007, 22:53

Germany:50955 Jeweler E:132 1620m


Post by Guest » 22.12.2007, 10:19

GUys, please sell your jewels at the average price + 150 per increase in Q above the average Q.

this way we can increase the prices.