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Market Research Group

Post by Guest » 20.03.2007, 23:17

Hey everyone!

Do you try to maximize profitability by layout out your company information on spreadsheet? Are you interested in doing math to crunch out the maximum effectiveness of every kap you spend?

This is a preliminary proposal to start a market research group for Kapilands to gather all theory-minded people to observe market trends, identify profitable industries, and generally produce sound advice.

I have not thought too much about specifics - I'm starting this thread to get all like-minded people to come together and start a discussion!


Post by Guest » 21.03.2007, 00:03

I'd be intrested..

I can also throw a forum up within 30 mins if needed. i'm hopeless at graphics though, so somene else would have to do that if you wanted it to look pretty.


Post by Guest » 21.03.2007, 05:54

Cool - so far we have two interested members based on the forum and private messages.

Walthir: Setting up a forum would be real cool. We can always change it if the software isn't sufficient.

I know there are more interested people out there - I've seen your posts in other forums. You're out there, and you need to join us!


Post by Guest » 21.03.2007, 08:25

i'm also avaible to help out when needed


Post by Guest » 21.03.2007, 10:43

If I found I can help in some topic, I'd like to attend in discussions. :D


Post by Guest » 21.03.2007, 21:07

I'm about to put up a forum - is the name "Kapilands Market Research Group" acceptable to everyone? The KMRG!


Post by Guest » 24.03.2007, 16:26

I would like to join this forum, to understand the development better, so i can make more monny trading...


Post by Guest » 24.03.2007, 22:53

I like your idea JuliusC, count with me


Post by Guest » 25.03.2007, 13:11

I'd also like to join the team - definitely a good idea. let's see how it develops.



Post by Guest » 28.03.2007, 09:12

This sounds like a great idea.... count me in!
Do you have a link?


Post by Guest » 28.03.2007, 18:52

i'm in

i don't have much time, though


Post by Guest » 28.03.2007, 20:48

The board for the Kapilands Market Research Group is now open!

Applications are being accepted at


Post by Guest » 03.04.2007, 20:59

Though my sched is tight but count me in...well try my best to help.


Post by Guest » 04.04.2007, 01:05

no offense to the makers of the forum but there are just a few things missing for one how do you plan to display this infformation that you crunched and you got to have a nice site

i am aware of allready 12 registered users but i propose for i to make a site/ forum joined to the other association going such as the sss( stone sellers syndicate) and E.J.A (European jewelers association) so if want all this just pm and i ahve a site up in 5 mins max including uptodate info and such and such...

for all and better vote for ganfns m.e money catch :D


Post by Guest » 04.04.2007, 06:52

Thanks for your offer, but I think we'll be just fine. We communicate through forum posts and file attachments. Gathered info undergoes a deliberation process before we release it, so we don't need a site like yours to operate. Should the time come that we need to do that, we have capable members that can do it.

Anyways, applications are still open at