The Food Trade Union - FTU R1+R2

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The Food Trade Union - FTU R1+R2

Post by Guest » 08.04.2009, 14:31

The Food Trade Union is a simple union to encourage players big and small to feed the world!

Look at your statistics sitting in your comfy office with fancy biscuits, your employees are starving! Their families are going hungry! You must help fix this buy making and selling food!

The aim of this union is to get people making food. This is a MASSIVE market, but no-one goes into it... Why you may ask? Well because it sucks... I mean it's great :roll:

Seriously though, the food market is like any other market and demands to be filled- I'm not asking everyone to move all their wardrobe and gas business's over and make milk instead- more along the lines of sacrifice 3 or 4 building spaces to make food :)

I have and it's fun. Sure you lose a bit of profit, but look at the size of you! You're making hundreds of millions a day some of you! It may start getting boring with all that money and nothing to spend it on- so spend it on making food!

I make and sell apples on realm 1 and I have made the market price shoot up- sure I'm only making what... 200k profit daily? I don't mind as it's not that much and I remember:

Variety is the spice of life

So post now to say what you'll be making and where you're selling and come together with others to talk about and encourage the FTU!

A list... because everyone loves a list

Animal food
Apple juice
FelixBluIndustries 20caps Turkey
Banana ice cream
Bottled cocoa
Candy bars
Chocolate ice cream
Cocoa powder
Coffee beans
Coffee ice cream
Coffee powder
Kapi Cola
Lemon ice cream
Orange ice cream
Orange juice
Strawberry ice cream
Sugar cane
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Post by Guest » 09.04.2009, 00:37

Sounds interesting, but have a huge (taking my size into account) deal in 2 months, and not sure if i will have any surplus cash

Also i'm in a not so profitable business (computers, fullchain), and just expanded so my power is slowly diminishing, and buying power for ,27 (market) will make the money i use on power go from 35 to 945 a unit (lying on the floor gasping for air)

But have some empty lots, and nothing constructive to do with them

And as for what to make... No idea, don't even know what buildings are needed (what about research)


Post by Guest » 09.04.2009, 07:55

Ah well think about it like this (the computers) if you sold all the materials you would make that 945 each... so really your not making any more money or any less money if you buy the power or make it yourself ;)

Also I bought a plantation and buy the water from elsewhere(though I already have a lot in my warehouse) and I bought the tech from another player who's business is making technologies!

Finally i bought a fruit platation and grocery. So I can make fruit now and the plantation for seeds which makes them very fast can allow for me to make potatoes when I have too many seeds :)

So that's 3 building slots for me and i only have to buy in awter when I run out :)


Post by Guest » 09.04.2009, 16:35

Hehe, but got a 800mio deal in a little less than 2 months, and seriously don't know how much i can part for this interesting adventure

Computers are for the want, as i can make a lot more on e-comps, and i don't think in product value, but in manufacturing cost (i'm that simple) which is enough to make a profit

And the lots were never my concern, as computers is a quite bad business (and making fullchain makes it worse :=) but never played to be the biggest, and proud of that

The things was that it has a startup capital need, and not sure how much i can donate to that, it's not the operational cost that concerns me

Buuut, could just calculate my income, and then make the magic from there
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Post by Guest » 09.04.2009, 16:37

awesome job felix, i'm in this way too, but the difference is that i don't bought any tecnology and buildings, im expanding this business by myself(except for some things of course)

but i really dont know exactly about the quality of the products i can do, but i know i can do a lot

i'm talking about wine and sausages, i like this 2 products and i think they are awesome and a little challenging to do, further when i start producing i post here about price and Q and other things about that, but my objectives are:

- dominate wine market
- dominate sausages market
- raise a lot of customers to buy my products
- produce in Q30 or more my products


Post by Guest » 09.04.2009, 17:31

I'm going to do orange juice. I have a beverage factory at 10000m2 and a beverage store at 17000m2.


Post by Guest » 09.04.2009, 17:43

That's what I like guys :D Dedication XD

This is all for some fun and to help the markets grow a bit :) I don't like the fact thatsome companies come here to be the best and therefore try to enter into easy markets and make quick money. Like when I started out I started with steel and then I made some power and then I started making small amounts of gas and moved up from there... But then I remembered my roots and so I went and started this apple business :D

Agent00skid Don't worry that you can't take part now- after your big deal you can start ;) I don't expect this just to be running for a week, but for months to come! :) The main aim is to raise awareness and get more people in on making food products, so don't worry you'll be just as useful in 2months time as you would be now :)

Everyone remember to spread the word ;)


Post by Guest » 09.04.2009, 20:10

Still, it's a long time to wait, and only seems to have about 30mio a day income (currently)... 800/30~17... 2months=60 days... 30*60=1800mio

Mmmh, the problem seems to be withdrawing itself, also have a 40mio contract which i hope will be signed, and some emergency stuff in my warehouse

And when my steel production comes up, it will be absolutely fantastic(still thinking in production cost) should be able to make 60.000 steel a day then

Hehe, might choose a product soon


Post by Guest » 10.04.2009, 09:45

Wicked! :)



Post by Guest » 10.04.2009, 10:25

Nice to see you branching out felix, i have been doing this for a while, i have the folowing buildings building whatever whenever:

Mine E:50 500 m


Post by Guest » 10.04.2009, 10:56

Wow that's quite a list myth! SO I'm guessing you make beef and animal food( your high Q researches ;) ) And do you sell these yourself in stores or sell them on to other players who do so?

I do love your diversity though :P


Post by Guest » 10.04.2009, 12:14

I have for extra:

Fruit plantation E:100 1000 m


Post by Guest » 10.04.2009, 15:57

felixbluindustries wrote:Wicked! :)

Whats wicked?

Damn, people are using many lots on this, maybe i should expand my plans


Post by Guest » 11.04.2009, 14:20

felixbluindustries wrote:Wow that's quite a list myth! SO I'm guessing you make beef and animal food( your high Q researches ;) ) And do you sell these yourself in stores or sell them on to other players who do so?

I do love your diversity though :P
dude i think if we want to make a "revolution" or just a better moiment on the market, we need to sell the products for other ppl, of course that we can make our own stores and sell them there, but i think it should be good to produce for sell to other companies and stimulate this


Post by Guest » 12.04.2009, 12:03

Yes the food industry at the moment is very localised to a select few players who do it as their majority industry- this should help them all come together :)

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