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Post by Guest » 09.07.2008, 17:18

Company: Stulle mit Brot
Industry: 70% gas production and 30% gas selling
Sale space: 12 million units
Current retail price: About 70@30q. (France)
Current warehouse totals: 33 mil gas in stock and 60 mil oil
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Post by Guest » 10.07.2008, 11:10

Company: GREED inc.
Industry: about 50:50 producing and retailing
Sale space: after expansions it will be 2.5 million,
Retail price: so far 40+q (all in Turkey), after my expansions finish i will raise the price
In stock: 0 gas 8)


Post by Guest » 12.07.2008, 09:05

update: 85mil total now

my expansions are almost done, just signed an 80mil gas contract and half of it went on sale right away.

We need more 5mil+ retailers

my current stats:

sale space: 40mil
price: around 50+Q
stock: 160mil


Post by Guest » 12.07.2008, 20:50

Company: da weed farm
Industry: 75% gas and oil production and 23% gas selling
Sale space: 25 million
retail price: 90-95 at q 40 only France, always selling in 48h

but i can


Post by Guest » 13.07.2008, 08:27

i think posting your output is of informative nature :P (industrial espionage :shock: :shock: :shock: )



Post by Guest » 13.07.2008, 09:28

well then we know our market share and it gives us a better idea when to start raising prices. no point doing it now imo since it wont influence the price that much 8)


Post by Guest » 15.07.2008, 08:43

Ummm not understanding clearly... is this for gas producers or Gas Sellers[Shop Npc] only?


Post by Guest » 15.07.2008, 08:45

for retailers (sellers in shops)


Post by Guest » 15.07.2008, 10:03

NEW update

Company: mork
Industry: 30% gas retail - 50% gas and oil production - 20% other
Sale space: 3.625.000 units per day ( after expension 07-22-08 )
Current retail price: 37+Q
Current in warehouse : 30mil gas in stock
Q 21 ,Q 22

and growing


Post by Guest » 21.07.2008, 17:01

OK I m back now and my expansions are done. I ll be selling in 48h cycles now and I recommend all RPU members to do the same. Current kapi gas prices:
France Gas 72.498.535 54,37


Post by Guest » 21.07.2008, 19:15

dunno if the rpu has anything to do with the oil/gas prices in realm 1 but they did skyrocket since the last time I was on. If the rpu did make this change in prices then would you think about starting one on realm 2 because it's like half what this is at.



Post by Guest » 22.07.2008, 11:03

Company: God Bless You
Industry: 80% gas retail
Sale space: 1.1M units per day
Current retail price: 40+Q (24-25H)
Current in warehouse : 12mil gas in stock
Q 21 ,Q 29

and growing


Post by Guest » 22.07.2008, 17:45

yeah this is for realm1. I have 50mil+ on sale for 100c or more and I m sure others have changed their prices so I guess that influenced the overall price somewhat.


Post by Guest » 27.07.2008, 06:27

Just a Question... How much should the price be for Stations in Germany?


Post by Guest » 27.07.2008, 11:04

the higher the better imo. I sell for 60+q myself atm

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