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Post by Guest » 10.08.2009, 04:23

the npc wont allow us to sell over 0.26 otherwise we'd all be billionaires :(


Post by Guest » 07.09.2009, 12:33

this silly idea of stablizing power will not work----if it gets too high and stabalizing myself and i would imagine many other companies would buy the power from the game and not the greedy power producers.i would even go to lengths to bring the power prices down by buying power from game and selling at low prices brign all raw materias down with the power prices.or just start producing my own power.Power producers should be gratfull for there awesoem profits and not want more; more; more.


Post by Guest » 15.11.2009, 20:03

Myth wrote: i am a power producer as well but if you do succeed in puting the power price upto 0.26 then when a new company jins they will se how much money they can make making power so they will. after about a month of this there will be too much supply and to little demand and then the power market will crash. I think that we should keep it at 0.15-0.18 that will deteer newcomers from makeing power but we will still make big proffits
i do enjoy my profit but what others have said about a bunch of new players joining the market is true


Post by Guest » 17.12.2009, 22:20

So... this post can be closed.. since NPC.... is now rulling the prices!


Post by Guest » 29.05.2011, 00:53

Farm Electric Ent sells power at 0.26, production rate of 10 billion every ten days.

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