SATG (Saudi Arabia Trading Group)

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SATG (Saudi Arabia Trading Group)

Post by Guest » 07.03.2008, 08:57

Looking to form a trading relations group with players who have their HQ in Saudi Arabia to reduce transport fees. (Big money can be saved here!)

SATG pronounced "SAT-G"

This group is not intended to specialize in any particular product.

The aim of this group is to reduce costs, which is the only factor we can control.

Please list your products you wish to purchase and products you are selling.

Update YOUR post when conditions change.

Put "SATG" into your company name and I'll sell items I produce below current market prices (30% below best offer). (Conditions apply)

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Post by Guest » 07.03.2008, 09:03


steel Q0 134.60 50,000 per contract

Send contracts any time, cancel any time, since there is no fee.


SATG members 30% discount from best market offering.

Chemicals Q0

Coal Q0

Corn Q6

Iron Ore Q0

Seeds Q9

Wood Q0, Q7

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