A major notice to all Power Produing Groups

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A major notice to all Power Produing Groups

Post by Guest » 19.02.2008, 16:30

Dear Power Producers

Please do not sell your power by contracts as you are stop the inflation of power prices!!!
When you sell by contract most companies are offering a rate 0.08 that is almost 10% cheaper than market rate!
If you sell your power in the market the same thing happens you just have to pay 10% to the system!
Please cooperate so that all we small power companies can grow!!


Post by Guest » 20.02.2008, 15:33

Well if the market goed fro 0.09( * 0,9 ) = 0.081
and contracts for 0.08 , why selling by contract ? if you earn more by market?


Post by Guest » 20.02.2008, 17:17

it could be helpful to produce stones and power.


Keep up the work

Post by Guest » 21.02.2008, 20:28

Good Job guys!!
The power price inflation has already started!
My request to all the power heavyweights in the market(More than 5Million power production per day) is please push up the rates!


Post by Guest » 21.02.2008, 21:23

Lol 5 mil isnt a heavy weight XD
I produce like 250 mil a day , and it is still nothing in my eyes


Post by Guest » 21.02.2008, 23:37

i am going to have to agree with david

no one with 5 mil power production daily is going to move the market

david with 250 mil per day might be able to get it up 0.01 to 0.03 cents if he really wanted to, and spent countless hours doing nothing but watching the market for lower prices and buying them

as i said earlier today in a different thread you might want the power to go up but how are you going to exspand? the stones will go up wood will go up, if you produce your own steel, the coal, iron ore, chemicals will go up

you can have ying with out yang, something goes up like power everything goes up



Post by Guest » 24.02.2008, 18:08

Mr Farmboy

Thats what Capitalism is all about!!!
Its how you have a high profit margin and low cost margin to make a better net gain!!!!

When I said 5million, I meant a lower band!!!
Just Because you(David) produce 250 million you can't be excluded from it- :D

Keep pushing up power Prices!!!!!


Post by Guest » 23.03.2008, 03:43

Farmboy is RIGHT!!

EVERY TIME power goes up, i promise EVERY ITEM ON THE MARKET will go up. That is because EVERYTHING makes it's way back to power (duh). If you say "lets put power up" it won't work because -
1.) At .09 power producers already make 8x what they put it, 800% profit.
2.) Way too much power is produced to really make someone fluxuate price
3.) Any time power gets too high, companies begin to make their own power plants, and produce most of their own power.
4.) Even on the massive German realm1 server, power is .14. Right now it can go up to .11 sometimes, and is usually .10 here. There is TONS of demand on the German server, but i don't know about supply (sorry, don't speak german).
5.) (3b) When companies produce their own power, you will no longer sell yours, and it is forums like this that cause me to make most of my own power (I have 16 power plants that make 3m per day each (48m)). It's not worth buying power or better stated depending on buying power from corrupted companies that decide they want higher profits. You are making 800-1000%, be happy.

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