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Hello and Welcome,

I am the brand new director of Stock2000. We are a small company with high expectations and are reaching for the top.
We have a constant flow of several products. However we are still a small company but i am sure we can become a great one with the help of you all. So if you have any offers for us that we can consider, or you like helping us out we would appreciate it.

This is what we can offer to you:

raw Materials
Water Q0==> 0,25
Power Q0==> 0,25
Wood Q0==> 72
Seeds Q0==> 0,26

Food Materials
Corn Q0 ==> 15

Tables Q0 ==>800

Building Materials
Stones Q0 ==> 8

Ps: Building Donations are accepted and we will give you credits in all our posts.


Thanks go out to our donators.

lecker gmbh


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