[Sell] Q0Corn.

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[Sell] Q0Corn.

Postby TheNorthWestern » 29.05.2010, 13:06

Title says all realy, atm im aiming for 10-20 plantation and i found out corn is a nice product to produce.

so i was looking for a person who buys them off me :)

Please state ur price for Q0 corn

Greetings, TNW
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Postby TakeON » 29.05.2010, 15:54

I need 137.200 Corn Q7 :)
Best regards, TakeON (member of Tib)

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Postby sergiurocks506 » 29.05.2010, 16:00

Just to let people know, this company is still very small as I have traded with him/her so don't expect quantities like that. :wink: