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by Junk Deluxe
11.03.2013, 13:06
Forum: General Stuff
Topic: newspaper special article feedback
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Re: newspaper special article feedback

Yes very nice articles
by Junk Deluxe
11.03.2013, 12:23
Forum: Product Purchase (R2)
Topic: Buying Q0 items
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Buying Q0 items

I will update prices every week, usually sunday, please check :) prices updated January 7. Buying Quality 0 only, max contract size 500,000 units (0), accepts within 24 hours (number) is change compared to last weeks prices Apple Juice 65 Bananas 11 Beds 9360 (+35) Biscuits 13 Bottled Cocoa 354 (+16...
by Junk Deluxe
17.08.2011, 14:19
Forum: Questions and Beginner Help
Topic: some staff for sell Closed
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Since you are a new company you should try to produce quality 0 only, and also try to avoid setting to high prices, read forums to get an idea on price levels A good place to start could be raw materials (stones, power) to get a steady income Also Oil (from wells) seems to be easy and good right now...
by Junk Deluxe
29.07.2011, 19:50
Forum: Suggestions and Proposals
Topic: Tutorial
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Having played this for a few months only I may be wrong, but as I see it, the tutorial would be a lot better if it ended with a mail telling new players that quality 0 products are the best to do in the start (not neglecting research) A lot of new players seem to produce low qualities (not 0), then ...