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by Tycoon
13.08.2007, 23:06
Forum: Questions and Beginner Help
Topic: Butcher Shop
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yes, red is ok: the butcher is one kind of "factory", therefore not like farming or plantations to be built in green... in red, you have the advantage, that it will produce faster, but more expensive. Hence, if you intend to produce for the contest, and sell the products, red is the right choice ;-)...
by Tycoon
13.08.2007, 23:04
Forum: Questions and Beginner Help
Topic: ads limit
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There was a thread somewhere in this forum or in the suggestions forum, asking us to inform people about this limit of advertising points in the shops.

The solution now is not the final one: we are going to ad "advertising points", so that there won't be any confusion...
by Tycoon
13.08.2007, 23:02
Forum: Questions and Beginner Help
Topic: Small ads in newspaper
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...that was my fault: last week, I was not able to publish the small ads, as my computer had a crash and therefore the file with the ads disappeared somewhere... ;-) and now in this issue, the ads are there on page 7 and 8: I forgot, however, to add that in the contents table, as I just copied it fr...
by Tycoon
13.08.2007, 22:56
Forum: Questions and Beginner Help
Topic: Server Account
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...yes, and in that case, the name of the company sending the contract is "system"
by Tycoon
13.08.2007, 22:55
Forum: Suggestions and Proposals
Topic: Idea About Quality
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Re: Idea About Quality

Why? Well in real life* if you need provide a low quality good, but you got some of it in high quality, no one would mind if you sold it as the low quality good as long as you charged the low quality price. Why in Kapilands? Well if you like me and producing steel you then to get the lowest cost of...
by Tycoon
12.08.2007, 11:37
Forum: General Stuff
Topic: Poll of the Week: where do you come from?
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Poll of the Week: where do you come from?

Read the newspaper for further info!

Thanks for your participation...
by Tycoon
11.08.2007, 09:28
Forum: General Stuff
Topic: Poll of the Week - what to learn more about?
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...sorry... forgot to close it ;-)
by Tycoon
10.08.2007, 07:38
Forum: User to User
Topic: Fantasy Football(Soccer) League (admin/mod responce needed)
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I just edited the link to that page, and I did this for the following reason: it is difficult to decide on that, as we are talking about an external page, which means that you want to "combine" external issues with the game. Usually this is not allowed. Therefore we really have to check that careful...
by Tycoon
09.08.2007, 21:36
Forum: Questions and Beginner Help
Topic: Past contest rank
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Views: 607, but I can tell you, that it was rank 31 ;)
by Tycoon
09.08.2007, 21:31
Forum: Suggestions and Proposals
Topic: Multipal product sales
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I also think that should nnot be changed: it is one part of your "strategy" how many shops you build... and you can only sell different items if you have several shops... Otherwise it would become too easy
by Tycoon
09.08.2007, 20:56
Forum: Suggestions and Proposals
Topic: Helping starters cheat !
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Your proposal won't stop any of the cheaters... if we give the money instead of the material, they will spend all their money with their multi account, buy the material, and send it again for 0 to the main account... there is no difference at all. On the other hand, newbies want to play immediately....
by Tycoon
09.08.2007, 11:50
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Welcome to GoldenEye
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Welcome to GoldenEye

Hi to all of you,

pls welcome our new moderator: GoldenEye :-)

Most of you will know him, from the forum and from the KapiTimes. He is also one of the moderators in the German forum, so he knows the Kapi-versions quite well.

Welcome @GoldenEye and thanks for your support :-)
by Tycoon
09.08.2007, 11:47
Forum: Bugs
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...will pass it on to the programmers... and keep you informed

somebody else having this?
by Tycoon
08.08.2007, 09:35
Forum: Questions and Beginner Help
Topic: I can't buy coins !!!
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I don't know why, but somehow I missed this thread. @moonface: I am receiving aprox 50-80 messages a day. So it really helps, if I did not have to reply to you via pm and at the same time via a thread in the forum on the same issue... I just sent you an update on this issue...^^ but in future, pls d...
by Tycoon
08.08.2007, 09:29
Forum: Bugs
Topic: Lemon : no appropriated step
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SPB Corp. wrote:ok. Do we still in the beta test version ?
yes, didn't you know that?