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by LadySpartan
01.12.2013, 23:31
Forum: General Stuff
Topic: christmas baubles
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Re: christmas baubles

This doesn't work for me also.
by LadySpartan
10.09.2013, 00:58
Forum: Coin Trade (R2)
Topic: Buy Coins 999999 each
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Re: Buy Coins 1.3bil each

Only nine (9) digits can be entered. Therefore, the highest price you can buy coins is: 999,999,999.
by LadySpartan
06.09.2013, 19:18
Forum: Contest Products Trade (R1)
Topic: [CLOSED] -- Q3 - Silver Necklaces
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[CLOSED] -- Q3 - Silver Necklaces

Currently, I have over 200,000 Silver Necklaces.

Who would like to buy them? Make me an offer.

Interested? Send an IGM to: Spartan Financial
by LadySpartan
26.07.2013, 20:10
Forum: Product Purchase (R1)
Topic: global energy buy, good prizes
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Re: global energy buy, good prizes

Company Does Not Exist Anymore.
by LadySpartan
26.07.2013, 20:07
Forum: Product Purchase (R1)
Topic: BUY Wardrobes and more...
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Re: BUY High Q Seeds, Power, Water, steel, Wood, Wardrobes

You cannot pay more than 135 for Q0 Steel. Any price higher than 135 (Q0 - Only) is Not allowed by the game.
by LadySpartan
27.05.2013, 20:07
Forum: Product Purchase (R1)
Topic: [BUY] Corn Q68+ - Textiles Q71+ - Leather Q68+
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Re: [BUY] Textiles - Steel - Power --- Plus Other Products

balaam wrote:i have batch of textile, none of it are Q0. would you accept it for the same price ?
I only buy Q0.
by LadySpartan
12.03.2013, 23:20
Forum: Product Purchase (R2)
Topic: Buying Q0 items
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Re: Buying Q0 items

Who do I send a contract to? There's no company name . . .