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by Moldova Industries
09.06.2012, 20:27
Forum: Product Purchase (R2)
Topic: [CLOSED]
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Re: Plasitc-435c; + 4 products

by Moldova Industries
30.04.2012, 15:54
Forum: Building Trade (R2)
Topic: Lot of buildings for sale
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Lot of buildings for sale

Buildings for sale: 1) Everything that's on the market. 2) E-Factories 8000m RED 3) E-Factories MAX RED - Send your offers 4) E-Factories 24000m GREEN 5) E-Factories 13000m GREEN 6) Wells 13000m YELLOW - 7bil. 7) Factories 16000m RED 8) Factories 32767m RED - 14bil. 9) E-Stores MAX France - 2 bil. 1...
by Moldova Industries
30.04.2012, 10:12
Forum: Suggestions and Proposals
Topic: Update Message ( Name Change ) - Proposal
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Re: Update Message ( Name Change ) - Proposal

over 1.6 bil. for a fax... where do you find coins for 100mil?
by Moldova Industries
14.04.2012, 08:02
Forum: Building Trade (R2)
Topic: Close pls
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Re: [SELL] TV Station Germany

destroy it, don't loose time for selling it, build something else instead.
I very-very doubt that some one wll buy it. Because:
1.TV station must be situated in green.
2.Nobody needs ads,
by Moldova Industries
13.04.2012, 09:07
Forum: Suggestions and Proposals
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switch to food industry or textiles. Here you can make the greatest profit for a newbie. And... follow the contest. Today one contest ends. On Sunday a new one will start. Build some contest-product buildings!
And you can become a trillionaire in 1.5 year for sure, if it is your goal.
by Moldova Industries
13.04.2012, 08:43
Forum: Questions and Beginner Help
Topic: Cabriolets
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Re: Cabriolets

Ok, my "rules for making cabs" 1. Tires - make your self if you have a source of cheap rubber or you made it by your self. Tires are the only product in the game that it is worth to be produced with High-Q steel (and not Q0 from NPC) 2. Glass - made by my self. Q39 is not bad. If anyone is intereste...