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08.09.2010, 15:19
Forum: Auctions (R2)
Topic: [2010-09-15|23:00] 5000 m2 Factory in Germany start = 250mil
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[2010-09-15|23:00] 5000 m2 Factory in Germany start = 250mil

Factory 5000 m2 with 500 employees
Starting bid: 250 million
Increment: 5 million
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02.09.2010, 21:13
Forum: Auctions (R2)
Topic: [2010-09-10|23:59] Factory in Germany 5000m2
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[2010-09-10|23:59] Factory in Germany 5000m2

Factory in Germany 5000 m2 / 500 employees
Starting bid: 500 million
Increment: 50 million
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15.08.2010, 17:15
Forum: Suggestions and Proposals
Topic: Remove raw materials priced over NPC price
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90 day limit

What about returning any market items from players that have not logged in for more than 90 days. They would only lose the 10% commission and their item would be in the warehouse when, or if, they logged back in.
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05.08.2010, 18:27
Forum: Questions and Beginner Help
Topic: A question for jewelery producers/sellers
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multipe stores

One way to get the best price for your items using multiple stores is to find the amount of time it will take to sale 1 item in each store. For example if you have 200 gas to sell and 2 stores then on average each store can sell 100 gas in 24 hours. Lets say the gas cost 40 per unit. This gives 1440...