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by Provi
04.04.2012, 14:04
Forum: Auctions (R2)
Topic: [2012-04-08|21:00] Power Plant 8000m2 in Turkey
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[2012-04-08|21:00] Power Plant 8000m2 in Turkey

Power Plant E:800 8000 m² in Turkey (R2)
Starting price : 500M¢ (500 million)
Min bid: 50M¢ (50 million)

There is no buy it now price.

Company name: Provi
by Provi
24.04.2010, 08:49
Forum: Coin Trade (R2)
Topic: [BUY] 20 coins
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[BUY] 20 coins

I want to buy 20 coins. IGM me with price (name: Provi).
Thanks in advance
by Provi
31.08.2009, 00:17
Forum: Research Trade (R2)
Topic: [CLOSED] Research Q12 Silver
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[CLOSED] Research Q12 Silver

Paying much more than it usually costs.
Contact me as soon as possible by IGM.
Company name: Provi