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Easter Bonus Campaign

Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 12:37 pm
by pearlbay
Dear players,

right in time for Easter 2014, we are happy to announce that we have we come up with another great payment bonus campaign.

During the course of this campaign, which is active starting now, we will be doubling the bonuses indicated in our payment area: It is therefore possible to gain up to 60% more premium currency on top of one individual purchase.


Please mind the current bonus scale in our premium currency shop: the currently valid bonus is already included in the bonuses displayed here! All packages gaining you a bonus are marked with an Easter bunny:


Keep enjoying our games and have a happy Easter,

your Upjers-Team

*Please note: this offer is not valid for telephone and SMS payments. Please also mind: It is only the bonus that will be doubled - you will not get twice as much premium currency with your purchase.