Christmas time in Kapi Regnum!

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Christmas time in Kapi Regnum!

Post by pearlbay » Tue Dec 03, 2013 11:39 am

Dear noble lords and ladies,

it's starting to get freezing outside, the first snowflakes are falling towards the ground, and, needless to say, Christmas preparations are well underway. Once more, the Christmas bakery has opened its gates in Kapi Regnum.

Open 5 free baking dishes per day and collect mouth-watering pieces of gingerbread - you may trade in your collected goodies for seasonal status symbols and thus gain lots of reputation as a reward!

And here is how it works:

Just click on the link Christmas Campaign in the left-hand menu...


...and you will see the table with the already filled baking dishes.
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Until January 7th 2014 at 11:59 pm CET, you'll be able to open 5 of the 15 dishes for free each day, and trade the gathered gingerbread in for amazing status symbols until January 21st 2014. Each additional try will cost you one Coin.

Move your mouse over the table. Clicking on a dish of your choice will open it. With a bit of luck, you will find gingerbread there, otherwise you will find candied apples as small consolation, which will of course be delivered to your storehouse immediately.

Managed to gather enough gingerbread to unlock the reward of your choice? Swell!

Trade in your collected gingerbread via the link "Trade in" above the table that holds your baking dishes and exchange them for three brand-new, seasonal status symbols.
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Certainly you will be able to get each status symbol more than once, but please mind that they are not tradeable. You'll neither be able to sell them on the market, nor via contract and you won't be able to give them away as present. But who'd really want to get rid of them? They are far too precious for that!

Have a very merry and peaceful Christmas-time together with your loved ones!

Your upjers-team

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