Buying(or trading) high quality herbs and smoked fish.

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Buying(or trading) high quality herbs and smoked fish.

Post by Gonza » Wed Nov 19, 2014 11:56 am

I'm interested in buying a high quality of herbs and smoked fish. I also have some researches I no longer need so I can either buy the research fully, trade some of my researches for a discount or if no one is interested in selling higher than my own researches we can just trade.

These are the qualities of research I have available


I'm searching for as high quality as possible for herbs/smoked fish so I understand if my researches are not as high but if that is the case I can simply buy them.
Zakaths Trading Goods - IGM me if you have anything of what I'm looking for below!

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Buying high research of smoked fish and herbs
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