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Post by Guest » 22.06.2008, 16:13

CapitalPowerInvestments wrote:Well as I said above I would not be deciding the price of power.

All the members of the Co-Op/Alliance/Syndicate whatever you want to call it would vote on everything until 2/3+1 Majority Vote was reached. The voting would take place via Robert's Rules of Order to allow the minority a chance to speak. It will be at least a week before I go ahead and make a forum, so now is a great time for questions and such.
ok that makes sense i like the idea and i think one chef would be enuf unless there they chef gets more than 2.147.483.647power time 40 which is 85,900,000,000 (86billion power) and i personally dont think Kapilands consumes 86billion power a day. Do you? :shock:

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Post by felixbluindustries » 22.06.2008, 17:44

actually i do think we do but not through the market-mainly contract but if we managed to get all power on market instead of contract we would use mayeb 500bil daily- and thats serious cause i read a guy who used 2bil power a day...and hes only a billionaire :P
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Post by Guest » 23.06.2008, 01:20

ah contracts forgot about them yes then there would be billions of power being used


Post by Guest » 23.06.2008, 06:25

I have just opened up a temporary forum for everyone to cast their vote yea or nea on the concept as presented in this thread.

VOTE ON THIS IDEAL AT http://arkypaa.org/yabb/YaBB.pl?num=1214252860

Please go there and cast your vote for how you feel about this issue.
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Post by Guest » 23.06.2008, 19:54

do we have to singup or do we use out kapi forum id


Post by Guest » 23.06.2008, 20:13

New URL http://arkypaa.org/yabb/YaBB.pl?num=1214252860

Anonymous voting without registering now works.



Post by Guest » 24.06.2008, 16:54

Need urgent discussion on this.
This new crazy power freak will destroy our business.

Please read further here:-

If he's going to put 2 billion on the market, we may have to take immediate buying measures.

We need to get this power forum going quickly, else we may be in deep trouble.

I have started taking up measures to generate more cash if any emergency situation arises.

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