Where build?

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Where build?

Post by Guest » 23.01.2007, 14:16

Industrial Area:
Type: factory(no power plant)
Type: research
Type: sale(look at the stats, what better is)

Farming Area:
power plant
Type: raw material
Type: sale(look at the stats, what better is)

Raw Material Area:
Type: mining and oil

klick the button "help", to found out the types of the builds!
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Post by Guest » 23.01.2007, 15:40

Well, and now we can start a long discussion about power plants in the green or red area or about factories for the steel production in the green area, because there it is even cheaper...
But thanx for the good advices.

Well, and you forgot the shops and gas stations or the other buildings to sale your products. :wink:


Post by Guest » 23.01.2007, 15:48

i know, but for the beginn, its better, when the power plant are in the farmin area

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Post by Tycoon » 23.01.2007, 15:51

But that's up to each user... at the moment prices are so high that it would also be a good advice to build in the red areas due to the higher output.

There are different points of view on that.


Post by Guest » 23.01.2007, 15:53

yes, the prices are high, but in a week, they'll be on 0.02 or so..i think, the green area is better for the beginns!


Post by Guest » 23.01.2007, 15:55

Well, and if the prices are droping down it is better to produce cheap. Isn't it? So the factories should be placed in the green area (that are your own words :wink: )


Post by Guest » 23.01.2007, 15:56

Yeah, at the beginning green is better, but if the price is higher than 0.1, red would be my first choice 8)

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