why is Q0 getting most buyers?

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why is Q0 getting most buyers?

Post by Guest » 07.06.2010, 19:35

Ok so I was absent from the game for 2 years and have been getting back into it and studying the market intensely for the past 3 or 4 days.

I am finding it odd that Q0 products seem to be selling faster and and much higher prices than higher qualities. Especially things like raw resources for food production/industry



Post by Guest » 07.06.2010, 19:51

okay. there are "Special Buildings" which if you send certain products to, you get score.

More players are buying the products for the score.

Any quality is accepted by the buildings but each load has to be 1 quality which is fine on the earlier quests but when you need millions of a product, they need to only buy 1 quality.

So buyers only accept q0 because that means they can always send it and not worry about enough of each Q.

So producers buy only Q0 sub products because they don't need quality.

Hope my explanation is sufficient.


Post by Guest » 07.06.2010, 20:39

Oh I see, you explained it well but it's a bit disappointing. It kind of ruins the economy doesn't it?

I suppose in one way it can be beneficial to newer players who can produce the Q0 stuff and make profit but then it could also be bad for them because it gives no incentive to do research and advance

Its too bad those status buildings dont allow you to mix qualities.

Or that there was a way to drop the quality of a resource item down to 0.


Post by Guest » 08.06.2010, 12:04

When you start producing, and then cencel the production, all the sub products reset to quality 0 :D


Post by Guest » 08.06.2010, 15:57

But most Q0 special building products aren't ingredients for another product, so you can't do the trick ILLY just told you, making them useless in other qualities other than Q0. :wink:

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