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Here you can compete with other users: Who is the largest producer of which product? Who has the best research of what kind? Who does sell most things in stores? Go and compete!

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Post by Guest » 05.12.2009, 10:28

after selling my power business i'll have around like 7-8 billion
so i can buy a nice setup (research, research building, sale building, joineries)


Post by Guest » 05.12.2009, 11:09

Actaully for a research, you require 3 billion min. and for joineries, build your own, when you have a nice profit, buy a research rc, then expand your joineries and make more research. When you have lots of money from profits(5 billion profit), start buying large joineries bigger than yours, and if you dont find any expand more and buy a larger rc or a better research.


Post by Guest » 05.12.2009, 13:21

ok thank you


Post by Guest » 18.12.2009, 04:50

my profit each 24 hours is 1.05 billion from wardrobes.
dont look at my fixed assets and say i am lying just like you did to cotal.
Cotal doesnt lie.



Post by Guest » 18.12.2009, 11:08

My profit on Wardrobe Production every 24 hours is 25k.... :lol:


Post by Guest » 18.12.2009, 11:43

My current profit from leather jackets production in realm2 is around 454.6 mil daily. Details are below
27 factories and 16 stores are not counted here, because they are under expansion :)

Detailed calculations:
I'm producing leather, textiles and jackets myself because it's hard to find high quality products. So, leather costs me 265,7c, textiles 253,36c and jackets 671,06c. I'm producing around 400 K jackets daily, but need to make textiles and leather, so only round 255.6K jackets are made. The lowest sale price is 700+50Q (usually 800+50Q) and average quality is q35, so we have
255600 * ( 700 + 35 * 50 - 671.06 ) ~ 454.6 mil daily


Post by Guest » 06.01.2010, 18:30

I have 13 Gas station and I average 120 million per day

I have 6 more other retails that Im expanding to 20k m2...

I also make other products and sell them in the market I average around 100 million per day since half of them are still expanding :)

So for now I make roughly 200 million per day :)

R2 company : Zandoria Inc

I can guarantee you there are more companies that makes 500 million per day they just dont go to the forums :) I know 2 companies that makes 650 million per day by just producing wood and stones :)


Post by Guest » 06.01.2010, 19:30

R2 800m a day

800 by stores, but i buy wood for wardrobes with it


Post by Guest » 20.01.2010, 22:07


Shook Gas Productions.
107 mil daily.


Post by Guest » 24.01.2010, 08:43

about 12-16 billion a week, so that let assume 2 billion a day :)
But if I would sell my producton instead of using it for special buildings and animals it would be more like 2.5 billion a day.

realm 1


Post by Guest » 31.01.2010, 16:42

If my math is right, i make 175mill a day, with half my power plants expanding.


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Post by Guest » 21.02.2010, 13:56

I currently make approximately:

Realm 1: 2.5 billion daily

Realm 2: 500 million daily

:) :)
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Post by Guest » 21.02.2010, 15:38

2.3b daily, R1


Post by Guest » 23.02.2010, 10:26

i dont believe it Il_S you make 2.3 bil
prove it

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