Large Wardrobes provider seeks contract purchase agreeme

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Large Wardrobes provider seeks contract purchase agreeme

Post by Guest » 31.01.2013, 09:28

Hi there,

My company name is Unity Gas Exchange, I regularly provide in excess of 30,000,000 wardrobes Q28 per month at the rate of 3,000 caps + 50caps per quality (so 4,400) to my current purchaser World Power AG, but as he is no longer buying Wardrobes in bulk I require a new contract.

I current have 32 fully built Joineries, with another 20 in production times less than 2,000 hours (less than 3 months). This means my total surface area is around 1.05 million m2.

I am not willing to split the production, I seek someone who can purchase the entirety of my supply once per month, this unfortunately rules out most companies, as the total price is calculated thus:

30,000,000 * 4,400 = 132,000,000,000 caps (this is a rough estimate, actual production varies between 29.5 and 32.5, but I send in 30,000,000 contracts as I have 10,000,000 stockpiled at all times for my own Furniture Stores)

Please IGM me, I probably won't check this forum again, production of my current cycle will be finished on the 19th February 2013 and the contract will go out on that date.

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