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Post by Guest » 10.08.2011, 18:53

Firefox 4.0-8.*
Go on firefox addons website, search for kapi-ducky. Install the addon and enjoy.
IF you trust me, and/or want to have the latest version, go to the bottom of the kapi-ducky addon page, if required expand the version information section, and click on the view all version link at bottom right. Sorry due to my weekly update, the addon isn't reviewed, that mean last version is always untested, so no automatic update; manual installed is required.

Google Chrome

go to chrome webstore, and search for kapi-ducky. Install it & enjoy.
(you'll always be up to date with the latest version )

hi all,

just to share a french google chrome extension I'm coding:
*link removed*
(or goto google chrome webstore and search "kapi")

(I made it also available for firefox, 'cause KapiExtended by default don't work on kapilands.fr direct link on the google webstore if some of you want to give it a try)

main feature is the "classic" input field (with a time value like ##j##h##m## or date yyyy/mm/dd/hh/mm/ss) to fill production field

and yes, it's full of bugs :lol: [/b] :wink:
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Post by Guest » 10.08.2011, 21:10

You need to remove the link as it's not allowed, but.. :D does it work on the latest firefox? I can't tell you how happy i would be if it did, the games not been the same since i updated firefox and now can't use kapiskript, also does it seperate the different size buikdings in admin buildings? That and production by time were the main things i used it for.


Post by Guest » 11.08.2011, 06:05

works with firefox 5 at least (version I use) but should work with firefox 4.* to 6

It don't seperate. But it allow to filter, and to sort the table
(at least it works on the french site, I don't know for the english one; just create a fresh account without VIP status, so I can't access the admin section )


Post by Guest » 11.08.2011, 18:54

Got the duckie on r2 English kapilands... But not r1. :S

Building filter, and the all products button in warehouse works. Don't have access to production buildings, so can't check them. :(


Post by Guest » 11.08.2011, 21:02

agent00skid wrote:Got the duckie on r2 English kapilands... But not r1. :S

Building filter, and the all products button in warehouse works. Don't have access to production buildings, so can't check them. :(
:oops: ... stupid mistake for the hostname of r1 (patched for the next release)

thanks for the bug report.


Post by Guest » 11.08.2011, 22:41

For some reason the production buildings page it turns the buildings area into blue and white stripes :? it does what i need it to do though and better to use than kapiskript which is now worthless, unusual having to type '24hr' though instead of 00:24:00, would it be possible to use it in the standard dd:hh:mm? works ok on ff and chrome though and the filtrer is good :)

Edit: just to add in admin buildings it doesn't work, the ducky is there but it does nothing and that page is also blue and white stripes. :)


Post by Guest » 12.08.2011, 10:24

thanks for testing NYK

:arrow: the blue and white stripes are voluntary ^^ (was a visual help in earlier stage of dev )

:arrow: I prefer writting 24h than 00:24:00 (also as I know ':' is "lowercase" on us keybord; on french keyboard I need to press the shift); but I'll add the support of "kapiscript" format.

:arrow: I think the bug for the admin buildings is due to "english" (the recognition of building and product is in french :shock: ). I'll do the translation for next release.


Post by Guest » 14.08.2011, 06:50

v. online

> added: "kapiscript format" (00:24:00)

> filter&sorting on more pages (market, sells,...)

> productions : stats for current productions

> shortcut to contest page and search company

> bugs correction


Post by Guest » 14.08.2011, 10:28

On the ff version i noticed this morning kapi ducky appears if you have a IGM message from another player and stretches the screen, it's next to either subject or company name i can't remember which i was in a rush to get to work. :)

Keep up the good work though much appreciated :)


Post by Guest » 04.09.2011, 07:19

last version online.

for firefox users: take care that automatic update are available only after mozilla dev review.

Code: Select all

This add-on has been preliminarily reviewed. Your add-on is displayed in our gallery as experimental and users are receiving automatic updates. Some features are unavailable to your add-on. 

Queue Position: 200 of 206


Post by Guest » 11.09.2011, 18:09

v. online
- contract page: link to sign/cancel contract
- premium buildings: recruitment helper
- research page: date&hour of end of research
- search page: stats, bug correction
- ... (2-3 small other things :p)


Does it work with English Words

Post by Guest » 14.09.2011, 02:35

does the skript work with english words also and does it run for firefox V 6.1 ?


Re: Does it work with English Words

Post by Guest » 14.09.2011, 05:06

Universal Trade CO. wrote:does the skript work with english words also
it should (no feedback of bugs, as I haven't a premium account on kapilands.com I can't test administration buildings :P )
and does it run for firefox V 6.1 ?
works with firefox 6.0.1 (I assume it works with 6.1 too - I recieved a compatibility report from mozilla saying my addon pass the compatibility test for firefox 8. So I think everything should be all right from firefox 4.0 through 8.0)

need beta-tester feedback. I can't test all.


Post by Guest » 29.09.2011, 10:07

KapiExtended can work on french site. However i dont know french so it's hard for me to make it work. If anyone wants to help me out. We can make it work. It won't be hard just translate some words.


Post by Guest » 04.10.2011, 07:07

so far it seems OK...

I haven't tested everything yet and will give more feedback soon after I did..

one thing though... I love the "contest" shortcut button!!!!

nice work so far buddy..

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