Loving my secretary

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Post by Guest » 28.04.2010, 14:50

Blackout! The server's down, get a torch immediately! Have you paid the electricity bill?

lol :)


Post by Guest » 28.04.2010, 15:24

"would you like to know how I spent my weekend? Well, while you were out sailing, I have finished our tax declaration. I hope in return you'll take me along next time."

Next time you'll have something else to do, but I promise that if I fail so hard to bankrupt I'll take you along (on the failboat).


Post by Guest » 28.04.2010, 15:36

I have a date with the producer of this game, Nasenprinz, today. Maybe, this will rescue our company?

ha :)
she want to 'rescue' my company from the 40bil... :shock:


Post by Guest » 09.05.2010, 13:29

She said she takes a day off, but she still say stupid things in my Office... :evil:


Post by Guest » 07.06.2010, 10:53

I got a message:

Hello boss,
I just received a call from some 'Nase' from Kapilands. He said he needs our help to spread the word about Kapilands. If we want to help we should invite three of our friends, who don't know Kapilands yet and ask them to register. As a thank-you he'll send us 5.000 kilos of steel.

Really nice message :)
people should be getting them more often, to make kapi bigger.


Post by Guest » 07.06.2010, 16:41

Yeah, one of the only nice messages apart from quests. :)

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