Regarding the TPP and the Kapilands GFX

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Regarding the TPP and the Kapilands GFX

Post by Guest » 08.11.2015, 01:37

With this new s#@% called TPP I can't host my custom GFX package on my own server anymore - unless Upjers contacts the people behind TPP and tells them it's absolutely free and can be hosted and shared anywhere and by anyone. So, my question to Upjers team is: can you contact them? In the last few years I was hosting that package on my own server which only contained the well known freeware phpbb3 as well as the GFX package. But now, thanks to that s#@%ty TPP my site is blocked and I can't use the GFX package.
Why I'm asking you to do this? Because if everyone who uses their own GFX package hosted somewhere attempted to rehost it somewhere else, like Apache HTTP server, for instance (once it was already blocked), TPP can takedown their IP addresses thus cutting them off of any internet access permanently.

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Re: Regarding the TPP and the Kapilands GFX

Post by verkon » 12.11.2015, 08:53

Unfortunately, we haven't supported the GFX packages in a very long time (they were mostly a relic from the times when loading a couple of images was asking a lot).

We can't really help you with that. Sorry.

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