Level Up Question...

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Level Up Question...

Post by Guest » 06.09.2014, 16:14

Hello Guys,
I wanted to know if waiting on leveling up is a good idea...I'm a kapilands player on realm 1 of rank manager... I have now enough resources in my warehouse, that if I sell them at a low price I could reach the level Big Industrialist...
The reason for me to not lel up, is the fact that I read that it lowers your production rate by around 66 % at trillionaire rank...
So I wanted to know if it's a good strategy to do so, and keep my cash and fixed asset bellow the next rank till have enough resources to reach trillionaire ( if I ever reach it, because with my calculations if start my main productions at a max rate without increasing their employees, etc... i need arround 144 years to get to trillionaire...)

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Re: Level Up Question...

Post by Junk Deluxe » 07.09.2014, 10:19

I wouldnt be concerned about leveling up, the difference between each level, in production, is small, and sooner or later you will get there anyway. Just play the game and if you hit a level its fine, if not its also ok. There is of course no need to force through a level up by selling warehouse items if you need them
Its a game, have fun


Re: Level Up Question...

Post by Guest » 07.09.2014, 10:42

Thx man,
I think that's what I"m going to do...
Ive been stacking ressources foir too long now...

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