Question about Jewels Bussines

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Question about Jewels Bussines

Post by Guest » 22.07.2013, 18:26


First of all I want to know which is the proportion in which you have to make sales in stores. That is, if I have to full fill the store, half, quarter, or every few m2 place as many pieces, etc, etc ...

And the latter, but not least, is the production and sales cycle. I think that you can work from 168h, but not sure.

If someone with more experience in the business could offer their advice, I'd appreciate. Or someone who directly is in the jewelry business.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Question about Jewels Bussines

Post by Junk Deluxe » 23.07.2013, 15:18

A fully expanded store can take 262136 units

I am just trying to start this business myself, so cant really answer your questions yet, but feel free to mail and ask :)
Its a game, have fun

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