Lamb production?

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Lamb production?

Post by Guest » 19.07.2009, 00:08

ok im producing lamb for the contest but im confused of the Q level this what the sum looks like

Lambs (Q0) + Corn (Q20) + Water (Q0)

= 20/3 should = 4 but why does it = 6?

also second what Q does lambs have to be to get Lamb Q4 production at the end?


Post by Guest » 19.07.2009, 00:15

hmmmmm well acording to my math 20 divided by 3 = 6.66......

so rounding down as kapi does make Q6


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Post by felixbluindustries » 19.07.2009, 00:34

Depends on the quality of the other products used :S

and yeah it is 6


3 6 9 12 15 18 +2
1 2 3 4 5 6 and a bit
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Post by Guest » 19.07.2009, 01:34

If your research of Lamb = 0 then Lambs must be at least Q12


Post by Guest » 19.07.2009, 03:46

somebody needs to go back to grade school and retake the math class


Post by Guest » 19.07.2009, 12:39

Cheers alright and lol i relised it did equal 6 i was thinking of 20/5


Re: Lamb production?

Post by Guest » 23.04.2015, 04:25

very well acording to help the numbers 20 partioned by means of 3 = 6. 66......and so rounding lower seeing that kapi does help to make Q6
i'm producing lamb to the match although i'm baffled in the Q level this just what your total seems like
Lamb (Q0) + Hammer toe (Q20) + Drinking water (Q0)
= 20/3 must = some although how come that = 6?
likewise second just what Q does lambs ought to be to acquire Lamb Q4 creation at the end?

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